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Blood transfusions will NEVER be completely safe. Testing is the way to go, not questioning the questions’ answers don’t tell you enough, anyway, and some people just plain don’t know. From “Basic Sex Facts. I think it takes a little time for everyone. But you should definitely talk to her about it, and hopefully that [...]

He just smiles and nods and lets me play. Since clit action is usually secondary for me, I like to just turn on the shaft first and get good and warmed up. Then turning on the clit arm is enough to quickly send me over the edge.. Desire, as the Buddha implied with his famous [...]

On me, the thong fits how most of them do; well enough but with an obvious line where it digs in depending on how the straps are sitting. The top fits relatively well aside from the underwire in the cups not wanting to stay under my breasts if I did too much moving. Aside from [...]

I like it. But that’s not what I want to do with my life. I HAVEN’T gotten one call from BRAVO and Andy [Cohen] made it clear on his twitter saying ain’t joining’ like he doesn’t like me or something and the article was saying I was begging Bravo to be on the show. He’s [...]

Kenny was sittin in a recliner, with my sister in his lap dildo, and his hand up her shirt. My mom had asked me to check on them dildo, so I came upstairs and told my mom. My mom yelled at my sister sex toys, and then my sister called me a liar, and said [...]