Circular – The Music of Kristóf Bacsó

Category : Jazz, Music

Released: 04/28/2014


“What if I loop back time and give forward what I learned until now? What if I surrender to the circular ways of life?” This is the key experience that helped Kristóf Bacsó compose this album. It has been released just recently by BMC Records Lunar Dance, Too Many Question’s Left and Child’s Space are a three-part piece that I wrote in 2011. It was inspired by three years of my life: I became a father of two amazing boys – and I lost my father at the same time. I experienced how the roles of man are changing – I released my childhood but received the magnificent gift to become a father. I could not avoid growing up anymore, however being with my sons lets me be a child again in a way. It is an awesome feeling, and it is pretty much the same, when I blow my horn! Nocturne is a piece in which I combined an Argentinian groove called “chacarera” with some Hungarian melodies. It reflects the years, when I was playing a lot with my musician friends from Argentina. Caffeine Express is a piece inspired by the way I usually feel in the morning time, when I wake up and the day starts over. Variations on a Folksong is the latest piece on the album. It is again a combination of a folkish melody blended with the rhythmic elements of contemporary jazz. It reflects to the main idea of the album in a different way: where we are coming from, and where we are going…