Kornel Fekete-Kovacs

profession: trumpet, flugelhorn, alto horn, composer, arranger

Recently he is well known as a soloist, compositor and arranger all over Europe.


1988-1992 Jazz Faculty of Bela Bartok Music Conservatory Budapest. He graduated at 1998 from the Jazz Faculty of Liszt Ferenc Music Academy Budapest.


He was one of the founders of the Budapest Jazz Orchestra in 1998 and has been artistic leader and soloist of it from the beginning till 2005. From October 2005 he is the leader of Modern Art Orchestra. In 2006 he formed the Fekete-Kovacs Quintet. His brand new project is the Kornel Fekete-Kovacs Shymphonyc Project.

During his career he has played in several famous international formations, such as the IASJ Big Band Copenhagen, the European Broadcasting Union Big Band Amsterdam and Budapest or the Brand International Music Workshop Orchestra, Denmark, the UMO Jazz Orchestra Finland, the Central European Jazz Connection, the Finn-Hungarian Jazz Workshop.

Other bands in the past:

1989-1992 Studium Dixieland Band, 1990-1992 Fortinbrass Quintet, 1992-1994 Brass Age, 1993-1998 Oláh Kálmán Sextet, 1998-2005 Budapest Jazz Orchestra, 1999-2002 Blacksmith Workshop

In 2001 he participated in the Finn-Hungarian Jazz Workshop on behalf of the Hungarian National Radio.

Since February 2002 he has been the delegate of the Hungarian Ministry of Cultural Heritage to the international Central European Jazz Connection.

From 2002 he is a member of Dés László Septet, the Class Jazz Band of Eszter Horgas and the Emil.Rulez group. From 2003 he is the soloist of Németh Gábor Project.

As a teacher:

He was the trumpet teacher of Jazz Faculty of Liszt Ferenc Music Academy 1995-2010, and teaching tumpet, and arranging at Kőbánya Music Studio Budapest.

As a composer:

He is the composer of the “Budapest Jazz Suite” (the first piece written to Budapest Jazz Orchestra). In May 2002 after its Hungarian debut the Suite was performed in Helsinki by the UMO Jazz Orchestra conducted by the composer. His second “big” composition for big band „The Wayfarer” was called alive upon the Hungarian Radio’s request and was introduced by the European Broadcasting Union Jazz Orchestra in Budapest, May 2002. The Wayfarer was recorded by BJO with the participation of the American saxophonist Dave Liebman.

His outstanding arrangements are: Jamie Winchester and Róbert Hrutka: Wood and Strings, big band production of Katica Illényi, the Veszprém Air Force Big Band, the Central Brass Band of Hungarian Army.


Between 2003 and 2005 he was a member of presidency of Hungarian Jazz Federation, the leader of Big Band section of it, the founder of Budapest Big Band Festival and organizer of these events from 2001 to 2004.

From 2005 he is a member of Society of Hungarian Jazz Artists.


1993 Jazz Juniors Competition, Krakow – best group, best solo

2000 and 2002 Artisjus Musical Foundation’s award

2002 eMeRTon prize as the Best Composer of the Year Composer (prize of the National Hungarian Radio)

2009 Ferenc Liszt prize (prize of the Hungarian Culture Department)

2010 Orszáczky prize (prize of the Society of Hungarian Composers)

Played with:

He has participated on several festivals at home and abroad playing with e.g. Dave Liebman, Johnny Griffin, Bob Mintzer, Peter Erskine, Gerry Willis, Wallace Roney, Julian Joseph, Herbie Mann, Merilyn Mazur, Kyle Gregory, Ray Anderson, Butch Lacy, Mario Gonzi, Silje Neergard, Perico Sambeat, Bert Joris, Tony Lakatos, Dés László, Gőz László, Borbély Mihály, Dresch Mihály, Vukán György, Szakcsi Lakatos Béla, Oláh Kálmán Pege Aladár, Gadó Gábor, László Attila, Balázs Elemér, Hárs Viktor, Kőszegi Imre, Lakatos “Ablakos” Dezső, Kovács Gyula…

As a soloist and studio-musician he has contributed to more than 100 albums and numerous concerts with several well known Hungarian artists such as Marton Éva, Presser Gábor, Horváth Charlie, Hrutka Róbert Jamie Winchester, Emil.Rulez, Cotton Club Singers, Balázs Fecó, Hernádi Judit, Gerendás Péter, Zorán, Mini, Tolcsvai László, Jazz+Az, or the Miskolc Symphonic Orchestra, Danubia Symphonic Orchestra, MÁV Symphonic Orchestra, Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra. Escuela europea de negocios irkutsk state technical university lomonosov moscow state univers Do you prefer a small, close-knit campus or a large, teeming one